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Willkommen bei meinem exklusiven Massagestudio Traumzeit! Ich freue mich, Ihnen meine vielfältigen und entspannenden Massagen vorstellen zu dürfen. Tauchen Sie ein in eine Welt der Erholung und genießen Sie Momente der puren Entspannung für Körper und Geist.
Wenn es mal ganz schnell gehen soll, hier alle wichtigen Infos:

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TraumZeit Massage Studio

TraumZeit, Relaxing & Massage Center

Discover an oasis of relaxation and recreation in my massage studio. Here, your well-being comes first and we offer a variety of massage treatments that will pamper your body, mind and soul.


An incredible relaxation experience

Massages have a positive effect on the body, mind and soul. They can release blockages, relieve pain, revitalize the body and positively influence our subconscious.

Myriam Ausserer

Experience an incredible relaxation experience with me. I take the time to thoroughly understand and address your needs and concerns. At your appointment, you are the center of attention and I will make sure that you feel completely comfortable. Trust me to take care of your well-being and offer you a unique relaxation experience.


Experience pure well-being in a relaxing atmosphere in dreamlike Merano. Immerse yourself in the dream time for body and mind.

Massage applications

Discover relaxing massage treatments using classical techniques and traditional Tibetan teachings. Pure well-being in every treatment.

Nature connection

Immerse yourself in the closeness of nature with aromatic massage. Experience the best of oil, cosmetics and relaxation. Enjoy soothing harmony.

Beauty & Care

Holistic beauty: care for skin, head, face, feet and hands. Experience pampering treatments for your well-being and radiant glow.


Pure relaxation with soothing massages. Experience true relaxing moments and feel the freedom from stress that pampers body and mind.

Singing bowls
Ku Nye

Price extract

In my price list you will find a wide range of massage techniques and duration, so you can choose exactly the treatment that perfectly suits you. I attach great importance to quality and use only high quality oils and lotions to guarantee you an unforgettable massage experience.


TraumZeit Massages

Discover the soothing effects of my special massage, immerse yourself in the deep relaxation of aromatherapy or treat yourself to a revitalizing sports massage to loosen up your muscles. I will be happy to advise you to choose the best massage for your needs.

Singing bowl massage

The harmonious sounds and gentle vibrations of the singing bowls have a calming effect and lead to deep relaxation

€ 70

45 minutes

Sound meditation

During the sound meditation you lie on your back or sit comfortably and let the sounds and vibrations have an effect on you

€ 70

45 minutes

Ku Nye

Ku Nye the traditional Tibetan massage has a deep relaxing effect and helps to reduce stress

€ 115

90 minutes


A gentle and powerful Tibetan technique. A heat application with spice sachets and warm sesame oil that creates a deep physical, energetic and mental well-being.

€ 75

60 minutes

Opening offers

Facial massage with mother-of-pearl shell and TTM

During the facial massage, high-quality oils and the mother-of-pearl shell are used.

€ 40

25 minutes

Head, neck and foot massage with TTM acupressure points

It is massaged with warm sesame oil and the processing of certain acupressure points frees the head, has a relaxing effect and lets the energies flow

€ 70

60 minutes

Reiki universal life energy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method that can be translated as “universal life energy”. Reiki is an energetic treatment where the energies flow through the palms of the hands to the recipient. The self-healing powers are supported and the inner well-being is increased. In addition, the method is ideal for stress reduction, to recharge one’s batteries and to find one’s inner peace again. Reiki dissolves energy blockages and harmonizes the different levels of body, mind and spirit. Our life energy flows through our body again without any obstacles. Reiki is suitable for everyone and serves to strengthen health and relaxation. The treatment is performed clothed, comfortable and loose natural fiber clothing is recommended.

Reiki treatment

This Reiki treatment treats the principle energy points of the body, the chakras, the organs, the sensory organs, the meridians and the joints. The Reiki energy harmonizes the whole body.

€ 150

90 minutes

Reiki treatment with chakra balancing

Treatment of the seven main chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, vortex, gyroscope.

€ 50

30 minutes

Reiki treatment of the five organs

This Reiki treatment strengthens the energy flow and releases energetic blockages
in the organs such as kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen-pancreas and heart.

€ 50

30 minutes

Reiki helps you:

My customers are enthusiastic

Conny W. Content creator

For years I have always felt particularly comfortable with Myriam. Her treatments offer a unique blend of relaxation, therapeutic elements and wellness. I look forward to the special treatments she offers every time. An absolute recommendation is the "Aromasoul Ritual", a true pampering program for body and mind.

Martin W.

My personal favorite at Myriam's is the "Ku Nye" massage. It is very special - rarely have I had such a powerful yet relaxing experience in 90 minutes. This massage is a real pleasure from head to toe.

What awaits you

S e r v i c e s

In my studio, an oasis of relaxation awaits you, where body and mind come to rest. Immerse yourself in a world of natural care products that caress your senses. The premises are surrounded by an aura of purity and respect. Let yourself be enveloped by our harmonious atmosphere and feel your soul blossom.